The intrepid "Tea Ladies", Mildred, Ethel and Flo combine performance and hospitality with their own inimitable brand of humour to suit any situation:-
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Events
  • Backstage Hospitality
  • Trade Fairs
  • Opening
  • Conventions
  • Races
  • Marathons
  • Rock Concerts
  • Promotions
  • Parades
  • Mall Openings
  • and Charity Events
  • (not to mention weddings, funerals and bar-mitzvahs).

The Tea Ladies on Tour adapt their act to any occasion to bring colour, originality, and hilarity to any event in a parody of that great British Institution the 1950's Tea Lady.

Along with their "Tea and Sympathy" and their high spirited improvisation they can create continuity and maintain the momentum of an event.

The Tea Ladies on tour have performed at:
  • Essential Trade Fair
  • PG Tips 75th Anniversary celebrations
  • Opening of the Nero Coffee bar - Manchester Triangle
  • V2005 - Chelmsford
  • Keynsham Music Festival
  • Cambridge Folk Festival
  • Glastonbury Festivals
  • Reading Rock Festival
  • T in the Park
  • Light House Bike Races
  • Juggling Conventions - Barcelona Etc.
  • Alton Towers
  • Unison Campaign
  • Camel Rock , Isles of Scilly etc
As well as many private and corporate parties

Along with their tea and sympathy, the intrepid Tea Ladies on tour bring a distinctively British flavour to any event with their own brand of humour.

The Tea Ladies on tour are bilingual (French/English)

The Tea Ladies' prices vary depending on the length of the event and type of performance required.

We can supply up to 4 tealadies if required.

The Tea Ladies are totally self sufficient and meet all health and safety requirements.